Now a 13 Part Radio Series!

Now a 13 Part Radio Series!

“Mind your own business” has been made into a 13 part series on Trans World Radio UK, starting on Sunday 5 April at 7pm (also Saturdays at 7am and available afterwards as a podcast here). Each half hour programme includes interviews with different entrepreneurs.

The series starts with two introductory programmes and then covers the core Workbook material. The series comes from a Christian perspective but is designed for those with any or no faith. Click here to order or download the workbook.

Jerry will also host several webinars during the series for local aspiring entrepreneurs. Details will be sent to those downloading the workbook.

New business start up workbook now available!

The award winning Germinate Enterprise material published by Germinate: The Arthur Rank Centre, originally for a rural context, has been completely rewritten, updated, extended and published as “Mind your own business” .

This brand new programme provides a practical step by step guide to setting up a small business or social enterprise. The workbook is written by entrepreneurs who have set up a variety of small yet successful businesses.

The programme helps you choose the right business for you to start; and then helps you work out whether your business ideas is viable.

Part 1 provides background and encouragement. Part 2 is the core business start up material, a series of 10 double page spreads with information, areas for discussion, action points and case studies. Part 3 covers vital information on the early stages of running a businesses, including how to set up a website; more information on sales and marketing; crowd funding and crowd sourcing; compliance; exporting and how to sell your business.

No previous experience is required. The workbook is written in a straightforward way for a wide variety of contexts, urban and rural, UK and beyond.

As well as the workbook, there is a business plan template and a cash flow template. Download all the materials free of charge.

The workbook and other resources are available here.

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